Think small

Everyone says to be successful you need to think big.  Big ideas, big plans, big investment.  My wife, in fact, has been heard saying many times, “go big or go home”.  While I think there is some merit to thinking big, I’m not so sure we all wouldn’t benefit from thinking small from time to time.

When was the last time someone thanked you for your efforts, acknowledged your progress or just realized you were still alive?  When we think about how we interact with one another, it’s those small things that get overlooked – and aren’t those really the things that keep us going?

When people are asked about why they left a company, it’s not because the company executives didn’t produce enough big ideas, but more often because their direct supervisor did not make them feel valued.  This could simply mean listening to people, asking their opinions and showing respect for their time.

So when you think about your dreams – think big!  When you think about your employees and other humans in general, think small.  What small effort on your part would make a big difference to them?

Give me your two cents!

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