What’s in the rest of the glass?

When we talk about the glass being half empty or half full, the conversation usually ends there.  One or the other.  But what about the rest of the glass?

If you see it as half full, then your optimistic-ness must tell you that there is a reason for it not to be completely full of liquid.  I didn’t fully grasp the meaning behind this until I spoke to Prateik and Alankrit Bhardwaj over lunch at the IAAPA convention.

I had just purchased my $8 turkey sandwich and was looking for a spot to sit down.  Prateik had been in a seminar I conducted the day before and offered me a seat with he and his brother.  As we talked about the show and their business, Prateik brought up the content of my seminar, “Building Your Leadership Brand.”  He said, “I don’t think it was supposed to end there.  We are supposed to keep thinking about this, correct?”  He was right.  I told him this was not a concept that would be decided in a 75 minute seminar, but rather a journey that we started together, which could later be completed on your own.

We then started talking about how important it was to think about things, and I mean REALLY think about them.  Dig in, figure it out, and look at all aspects of the issue.  Then he asked the question…

Pointing to the unfilled portion of a glass, he asked “so if this is half full, what’s up here?”

And it was then crystal clear.  “Opportunity”, I said.

I had never thought about it in those terms, and probably wouldn’t have if it weren’t for this chance meeting.  But I really do feel that the reason the glass is half full is because there is still the OPPORTUNITY that it will be completely full.  Wow.

Thanks Prateik and Alankrit, for helping me figure that out!

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