Show and Tell – Ben’s RPM Recognition program

Last week I got an email from Ben Rogers from Funtown Splashtown USA about a recognition program he had come up with to use this season at the park.  It sounded really cool and I asked Ben if it would be okay if we shared it here.  Apparently he said yes!  :o)

RPM Recognition is a system that shows the importance of having an all encompassing system of recognition. Its main focus is not on recognition programs solely, though it’s still a part of the program, but it ties in the importance of all facets of recognition.

We begin with “Recognition of Role” and hone in on the importance of your companies history, goals, mission, and team work by the company as a whole, not the smaller teams it’s usually broken down into. This portion will help your team members to put the puzzle pieces together and see/fall into the “Big Picture.”

Next we move on to “Recognition of Peers” which focuses on bringing the park together on a mo45_rpm_record_gerald_g_02re personal level by putting a face to the name. Due to various schedules and departments most team members rarely get the chance to meet everyone. This causes a lack of contact between team members that in turn weakens our goal of working as a team. The “recognition of peers” portion will show the importance of raising the level of unity in the park. It will discuss methods of recognition by peers which includes the recognition wall, recognition cards and employee gatherings. In addition it will touch on International students and the introduction of new cultures.

Finally the program will end with “Recognition of Merit.” This section will focus on the importance of continuous reinforcement, positive methods of recognition, and low budget vs. high budget recognition. We will discuss how verbal can be better than physical recognition and how important of a role your supervisors and managers play. Finally we will end with STAR (Service that’s absolutely remarkable,) and how to track the recognition. All this will lead to higher levels of job satisfaction and employee retention ultimately leading to greater guest satisfaction.”

Thanks, Ben, for passing that along!

If anyone else has an idea or suggestion to share, please feel free!  After all, sharing is easy…it just starts with a click.

Give me your two cents!

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