Spoons – part 2

In a previous post, I got to tell you about Dave Tkachuk’s obsession with quality and I hinted at the generous nature of he and his wife as bosses.  It’s time to explain that statement.

As I look back at my time with Tkachuk Associates, it was definitely a transitional phase.  I had worked at Canobie Lake Park for 10 years and wasn’t sure where my career was going.  I had a degree in audio engineering from Full Sail, and I thought maybe now was the time to put that to use.  I saw that Tkachuk was hiring, so I applied.

I got the job and enjoyed the process of learning new things and meeting new people.  It didn’t take long, though, to realize that something was missing.  As weird as it sounds (although not to most of the people reading this), I noticed thatyc I really missed not seeing a roller coaster in the parking lot when I pulled into work in the morning.  That made me realize that missed the amusement industry terribly and I had to return.

Of course, this revelation had to coincide with the announcement that Dave and Nancy had made arrangements for me to attend the CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) expo in Las Vegas in a few months.  They liked what I had brought to the company and saw this as a great way to learn a few things and expose me to different aspects of the industry (kind of like us going to IAAPA).  If I could measure the pit in my stomach when hearing this, I think would be close to the size of a basketball.

But I had to tell them how I felt.  I had to tell them before they spent all this money on me that I just wasn’t cut out for this business and I would be looking for a way to get back to the amusement industry.  So I mustered my confidence, and I spilled the beans.

Here’s where the generous-ness (if that’s a word) comes in.  They weren’t mad.  They didn’t worry about getting a refund for the tickets or expo registration (not in front of me, anyway).  Instead, they thanked me for telling them the truth and for being considerate of their plans.  They told me that I could stay on as long as I needed and that if things didn’t work out, I would always have a job with them.  Wow.

By the time the trip rolled around, I was still there, so instead of being out of work for a week, they had me keep an eye on the office while they were gone.  This way, they said, they didn’t have to worry about missing calls and deliveries.

When I finally did leave, Dave and Nancy presented me with a little plaque that read, “The future belongs to those with the strength to believe in the power of their dreams.”

Thanks, Dave and Nancy, for being SO generous!

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