Calling all former IAAPA Ambassadors

Today I received an email from Matt Luettinger from Nickelodeon Universe who is interested in group3becoming an  Ambassador for the IAAPA conference.  I told him about the great Ambassadors I had the pleasure of working with, and what I saw as the keys to success in that role.  (A passion for the industry, great organizational skills and an ability to interact with a wide variety of people.)

What I thought would be REALLY cool, is if some of you former Ambassadors could share your experiences around the application process (how to stand out and be selected), the show itself, and some lessons that you learned along the way.  Who better to hear it from than the people who went through it themselves!?!

Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts, or you can email Matt directly.

Thanks for sharing!

3 thoughts on “Calling all former IAAPA Ambassadors

  1. My name is Dave Mugnaini, and I have worked IAAPA as an ambassador for the past 3 years. IAAPA is a lot of fun-the experience of working the show, seeing all of the rides and games, and being right in the middle of the show’s operations is truly exciting. That being said, it is very important to realize that when applying for the ambassador program, your focus must be on how you are going to impact the operations of the show-how will you be able to carry out your duties effectively and efficiently, no matter what area you are working in (Education, Show Office, Floor Manager’s Office, etc). Strong communication skills and the ability to quickly change to adapt to a current situation is very crucial. You have to be confident and able to explain ideas with your peers and also be able to listen to other ideas to come up with the best possible solutions. The days are long, but are filled with excitement and new challenges at every corner.

    All of the Ambassadors (IAAPA-tors) in previous years have bonded very quickly-you’ll be suprised at how some of your closest friends will come from this one small week!

    I hope this helped a little!

    Dave M.

  2. Hello My name is Matt Bosslet and I was an Ambassador for the 2007 and 2008 trade shows. What Dave said above is absolutley, 100% true! What can I see besides that if you have a passion for the industry (and not just theme parks), you care about getting yourself into a career in entertainment, and you care about helping and meeting others who share the same intrest, then this is one of the most rewarding and best weeks of your life!

    The application and interview process is surprisingly easy. Simply be yourself, have confidence and know what IAAPA can do for you and what you can do for IAAPA. They look for those who have a passion for the industry and who excels in great people skills. You meet a TON of people at the show and good networking skills are a must. An ability to handle multiple tasks in a short amount of time is needed as well as a good endurance for a long (but great) week.

    I have met some great people at the show, Matt and Dave included, and seen some great things. I would suggest simply being yourself and show your drive for the industry. Simply asking about the program is a good start and whats the worst that can happen if you apply?

    Hope this helps a little. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

    -Matt Bosslet-

  3. Hi Matt and Dave! What they said is completely true! It is one of the most exhausting weeks of my life, however it was one of the most fun, most learning crammed into one week, and an incredible time for networking. My advice would be, “be flexible and be ready.” Every day awaits new challenges and schedules that could never be predetermined exactly. (It keeps you on your toes!) Teamwork is essential. At some moments in the day, there are not enough hands to get all the work done, so just be ready and willing to help in any capacity throughout the week! …and just remember to HAVE FUN!

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