Too dumb to know any better

Sometimes people are determined and are able to overcome insurmountable odds.  Other times, they may just not know any other way.

Case in point…

When Linda and I were planning our trip to Hawaii, I decided that I wanted to take a surfing lesson.  What better place to learn the Sport of Kings than where it originated?  I made sure NOT to bring along the little tiki necklace.  web-surfing-2

What I did bring was a genuine desire to learn how to surf.  It took many tries and a lot of coaching from Smokey and Kuji (our instructors), but it was well worth it.  I was able to get up on the board a few times, but when I seemed to be doing the best, I had to use the first technique they taught us – when in doubt, bail out.  I was headed right for another surfer, so I took a dive.  Literally.

Here’s how it the lesson went.  There were about 12 students and 3 instructors.  They set up a buoy that was “home base”.  We all started at the buoy, and then were called over to the instructors in small groups so they could help us pick our waves.

My first attempt was very successful, if you consider falling immediately and drinking a lot of salt water successful.  As I was paddling back, one of the instructors asked if I was able to stand up that time.  I answered no, and he motioned me back to “wave catching area”.  We tried again and I did a little better.

Each time I fell (which was every time), I paddled back to the instructors for another go.  I didn’t notice that other students had decided to camp out at the buoy.  Some were tired, or had just had enough.  I didn’t know resting was an option, so I just kept coming back for more.  I didn’t know when I would be in Hawaii again, so I wanted to make the most of it.

hawaii-wed-surf-016Laying on that board for almost 2.5 hours taught me a couple of things.

  1. If you keep your head up (like in the picture on the right) the entire time, your neck WILL get sore.
  2. Even though paddling through the chop was tough, I really enjoyed the experience, and can’t wait to do it again.
  3. To achieve a goal, sometimes it’s better to be a little ignorant of the obstacles.

When we know too much, or think too much, about the obstacles that stand in our way, we sometimes mentally give in to them.  We tell ourselves things can’t be done (there’s that ‘can’t’ again) and allow ourselves to give up or accept a lesser result.

So… forget about the buoy.  You don’t need it anyway.

Thanks for reading!


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