You never forget your first day

Okay, it’s another food story…

This past Sunday morning I ventured out to our local Einstein’s bagels to pick up a quick breakfast for Linda and I. I was greeted at the register by Viki, an unfamiliar face at this familiar establishment. “She must be new”, I thought to myself… But I had no idea how new.

Viki greeted me with a welcoming smile (which is not always easy at 6:55 am) and asked to take my order. As I placed my Bagelsorder, Viki seemed to get a little befuddled and was searching her POS screen for the right button. This is when Laura stepped in to assist. Laura is the manager who regularly greets customers as they come in, and even notices when you haven’t been in for awhile (does that mean we eat too many bagels?).

Laura was patient with Viki as she walked through the order process. She calmly pointed out which button to hit next, giving little hints along the way. When Viki made a mistake, Laura quietly corrected her so as not to cause a big scene. When it came for the second half of my order, Viki was able to get through it on her own with minimal guidance from Laura.

With a big smile, Viki sent me over to the pick-up area where Laura was already ringing up my check.  I could tell that Viki appreciated Laura’s patience and pointers, and she seemed confident that she would be successful with the next order.

When I got to the other counter, I let Laura know that I noticed what a good job she did in getting Viki through that order.  Laura smiled and said, “Thank you.  You know you never forget your first day.”

So that’s how new Viki was.  Day one.  And here I come with a complicated order…

Seeing Laura there on other occasions, I could tell this was not an isolated incident.  Her demeanor is always positive and she is constantly lending a hand or offering encouragement to her team.

So could there be something in the water in Casselberry, FL?  This Einstein’s is literally down the road from where we got such over the top service at Tijuana Flats.  I bet its something more than just the water…  like people who genuinely care about others and want to see great service carried out.

What a concept.

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