Pre-screening for service

This struck me as odd, and it made me think of my friend Scott Brown from Ohio.  Not because he is odd, but because he is on a crusade to raise the bar on customer service.

Take a look at this sign that is posted on the front door of a popular office supply store.  (I apologize for the bad quality, I’m still learning the new camera zoom app for the iPhone!).


Just in case you can’t make it out, it says, “We conduct pre-employment testing to ensure quality customer service”.

That’s nice, but my first question is, “what kind of testing??”  Drug testing?  Agility testing?  Psychological testing?  It’s a little vague.

I will tell you that it made me think about the customer service I was about to receive.  It put me in the mindset that I would get good service here, and that the company is committed to it.  I then thought about the expectation that at some places (based on experience or reputation) that you will receive bad service.  Maybe we all just get the kind of service we THINK we’re going to get.

How often have we been in a hurry, annoyed by something, and the service we then got was slow and useless?  Contrast that with when you are feeling good, its a good hair day, and suddenly the service you get improves.


To me this sign is more about the sub-conscience thought of the customers than the service itself.  It reminds me of people who put up security signs in their yard even though they don’t have a security system.  Makes you think a little differently before you go in, if you go in at all.

I’d love to hear what you think of this sign and its true message.  Click here to share your thoughts or leave a comment.



One thought on “Pre-screening for service

  1. I love seeing my name and “odd” in the same sentence.
    Anyway, to your point about service meeting our expectations… I think it is very true. If we’re rushed or having a bad day we are quickly annoyed and irritated. If we’re happy and relaxed. “No, problem. Take your time.” Sometimes, even the same exact situation can be perceived as both good and bad at the same time.
    This is a link to an article I wrote about one of my experiences.
    Thanks for your article – keep ’em coming!

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