You’re an adult!

This phrase occurred to me as I was heading to catch a bus while in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. I had signed up for the Caesar’s Palace Behind the Scenes security tour, and I needed to be on the bus by 8:30 am. My hotel wasn’t too far from the convention center, so the early call time wasn’t much of an issue.

I remember reexamining my ticket as I approached the bus stop. I hate being late, going to the wrong spot or generally being unprepared, so I tend to check and recheck my plans and arrangements to avoid any of the above circumstances. I noticed it said “Bus departs at 8:30 am”. That’s when it hit me… they told me when they are leaving, and they expect ME to figure out what it’s going to take to get myself moving and on that bus before the wheels start rolling.

What?? No wake-up call?  No friendly reminder?  No bread-crumb path to the bus stop?

Nope. That’s my job. My responsibility. My duty.

I think sometimes we may forget just how responsible we are for our own actions, and how our actions impact others. I heard this quote about leadership many years ago…

“When it comes to leadership, everything is your fault”.

I may have paraphrased it over the years, but you get the idea.  Everything you do for, with, or on behalf of your team members will have an impact on how they behave.  The same can be said for what you don’t do or what you ignore.

Just like if I had ignored my alarm clock, I would have been walking to Caesar’s Palace.

Or sleeping in.

Give me your two cents!

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