Pain creates change

My wife and I have recently completed a major kitchen overhaul, so it is now time for me to learn how to cook using more than a microwave, toaster oven and a phone. So far I am enjoying the experience, with one small exeption.

For Christmas, my father-in-law got me some really nice, high quality, SHARP knives. Did I mention they were sharp?

The other day I was cleaning one of the new pieces of cutlery when it slipped and sliced my right index finger. And I mean sliced! Luckily it was right over the sink so the clean-up was easy…after I got the bleeding to stop.

So now I have a painful cut in a very inconvenient spot. Being right handed, there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of places to bang a recently lacerated digit.

The spot that seems MOST painful is the small space my fingers must occupy when I start my car. It’s a rub AND a bumping motion all at once. Good times.

I have learned very quickly to avoid the pain, I need to reach for and turn the key a little differently. Pain created change.

Often, we fear change because we think it will cause some sort of pain. Maybe not physical pain, but uncomfortable-ness, awkwardness or uneasiness. It’s not until the pain not to change becomes greater than the pain to change that we see a desire to do something different.

If I’ve learned one thing from this episode, it’s that we don’t have to wait for outside influences to cause pain before we make a change for the better. Do it now.

What’s one thing you would like to change, and what are you waiting for?

Thanks for reading!

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