Thank you, Dominic!

I’d like to thank Dominic not only for what he did, but also for reinforcing an important point about recognition and motivation. Let me explain.

There is a retirement complex near our house that has a nice big meeting room that Linda likes to use for her larger stamping classes. Many factors make this a nearly ideal location. First, the location-very close to the house. The room itself is nice and big, not terribly expensive and there is plenty of parking. Also, the residents and the people working there are very nice.

One issue we’ve noticed has to do with communication (like many organizations). Linda would relay her wishes for the room set-up to management, but it seemed rare that the persom actually setting up the room got the information. This lead to multiple levels of frustration. Linda, because the room wasn’t set correctly, and any number of employees who had the responisibility (but not the correct information) to set-up the room.

Today was different. Today we met Dominic.

We arrived at the room to find all the tables and chairs in the exact configuration we had requested. The projector screen was even set-up, and in the right spot in the room. We were in awe. We were overjoyed.

Our first encounter with Dominic personally was a few minutes after we arrived. He stopped by to check on us and introduce himself. Even more impressive was the fact that in his hand was the diagram Linda and I had drawn the last time we used the room. Amazing what happens when the right information gets in the right hands.

As we poured every ounce of thanks upon Dominic we could, all he kept saying was, “I’m so glad it was set correctly. That makes me happy.”

This is where the reinforement comes in regarding recognition and motivation… As he left, he asked if we could let his manager know that things were done right. We said of course.

So what is Dominic motivated by? You guessed it- confidence in a job well done and acknowledgement from his managers. Did he ask for money? A trophy? A free meal? No, and yet that’s what we often think motivates people. People really don’t work harder for things, they work harder for people.

Don’t let your Dominics get away by mistaking a free meal with REAL motivation that only you can provide.

Thanks for reading!

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