Great questions raised from FUNWORLD article!

A longtime reader, Ben Santos Rogers from Funtown Splashtown USA in Saco, ME posed a number of great questions after reading the article in FUNWORLD about fair vs. same treatment.  I would love to get your perspective on his questions, so leave a comment or email me here.

Ben also shares some great ideas about his recognition programs – I am sure he would be okay if you used those as inspiration for your own efforts!

Here is Ben’s note (reproduced with permission!), and his questions are highlighted.  Thanks in advance for your insight!

Hello Matt!

I just read the article in FunWorld and I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed it. It helped me to analyze my recognition process a little bit more. It is truly very difficult to try and spread the recognition when dealing with such a large number of team members and departments. I always have team members that stand out everyday and this causes me to have an inner fight. Do I recognize repeatedly and risk the “Favoritism” factor even though they are deserving and I could supply facts and examples? But does that really sit well with their fellow team members when they see this person being recognized over and over? As a former front-line worker I think that I would be maybe the slightest perturbed even if those facts and examples were present.

Then there are those that are under performing. Is it wise to give them a little recognition to try and light the fire so to speak, or does this diminish the future recognition they will receive? And of course there are those who show they deserve it but see team members that don’t fully apply themselves getting recognition. This in turn most likely will have some sort of affect on their work ethic in the future.

It’s a double sided sword and it gets even harder when you throw different departments into the mix with different expectations. Every year I feel like the recognition program we have at the park is evolving for the better. My only current problem is to try and integrate a park wide system. Smaller departments are easy but with the separation of the ride and water park and the different times that they begin and end shifts it makes it a little difficult. But maybe it’s better that way.

One thing that I am going to continue, and it was a great way to get everyone recognition in some respect is the “My Funtown Family” wall. Numerous times throughout the summer I would takeoff through the park with a camera and capture our team members in action. These photos were put up on the wall with a little caption and their first name. This was a great thing for the mornings because everyone would gather and talk about all the photos (and the comical captions)and really laugh and recognize their fellow team members. Though it’s not the recognition of a job well done, but by seeing their picture and name up on the wall for all to see it gave them a sense of belonging. And that is very important!

Once again Congratulations on being in this months edition of FunWorld and I hope life is treating you well!

Have Fun,


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