We just want to belong…

While out and about yesterday, Linda and I saw a sight that we’ve seen many times before (especially on a warm Spring day here in Florida), but this time something different occurred to me.  Sitting at a stop light, we heard the unmistakable roar of numerous motorcycles pulling up next to us.  Two out of the four bikers were sporting matching black leather vests with the name “Chrome Angels” on the back.  A fun side note is that my band played at a number of their fund raising functions over the years, but more importantly I realized that everyone wants to belong.

Whether we are talking about bikers, cheerleaders, coaster nerds (like me), movie buffs, or animal lovers, people naturally gravitate toward others who have similar interests, likes, and dislikes.  No matter how “independent” some people claim to be, there is an underlying desire in most human beings to be part of some sort of community.

Nowhere is this more evident than online.  The fact that you are reading this blog shows that you and I both want to connect to the larger world, and we are using technology to do that.  If you have a Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter account, you know just how many other people share the desire to connect, to belong, to be part of something. If you are not connected through any of these services, trust the rest of us.  Tons of people out there want to connect.

So here’s the question (you had to know this was coming!)… what are YOU doing to make your workplace the kind of experience that people want to be a part of? Part of allure of these in-person or online communities is that people get to express themselves, others are willing to listen, and they don’t feel pressure to be someone they aren’t.  That is a powerful formula for an empowered and productive workforce.

Thanks for letting me feel a part of your community!


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