The sun will come out tomorrow

This weekend my wife and I finally stained the wood fence we put up almost a year ago. I know, we should have done it earlier, but I blame Annie. Yes, little orphan Annie.

By telling us that the “sun will come out tomorrow”, she is essentially saying that things will be better in the future, and we should wait until things are perfect to proceed. This may not be the literal translation, but it certainly hints to it.

You might be saying, “but the real message is of hope, and the days ahead will be brighter.”

True enough, but only if you take action today.

And honestly, my wife and I fell into this type of thinking with our fence. We were literally waiting for a sunny day.  We knew we had to do some prep work before applying the stain, but last weekend it was supposed to rain, so we held off. Looking at the finished product this morning, we could have totally done bits and pieces (even in bad weather) to prepare and make yesterday’s marathon more of a sprint, or even a jog.

So what sort of “sunshine” are you waiting on? What idea do you have tucked in the back of your mind that could be the next big thing? What action have you been wanting to take but have been waiting for just the right time- realizing that there is no “right time”?

Eventually, Daddy Warbucks did come and rescue Annie, so in her case waiting for the sun to come out was worth it.

For the rest of us, we are our own Daddy Warbucks, and we must take action on our own behalf if we want to make things better and move forward.

What action will you take today?

Thanks for reading!

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