Exciting Times

Aloha friends!

I’ve got exciting news I’d like to share!  In the next few weeks, I will embarking on a new chapter of my professional life.

After 8 years at Universal Orlando, I will be scaling way back on my responsibilities with them so I can pursue a few cool opportunities.

First, my wife and I started Stamping School (www.stampingschool.com – a resource for the crafting industry) in 2007 as a very part time enterprise.  We are finally at a point where we can rebuild the site and make it one of our full time businesses.  We hope to launch the new site in a few months, and then plan to take the show “on the road” hosting events all over the country.

Not being able to stay away from the amusement industry and training, I will still be working with IAAPA and will also be building up my own independent training/consulting business.  I’ve dabbled here and there to this point, but now is the time to really make a go of it.  I’ve worked with a number of you in the past, and any referrals would be kindly appreciated!

Lastly, I will also partnering with Scot Carson at Amusement Advantage to provide additional support and resources to the clients that use his secret shopping service.

It’s exciting to venture out away from the safety net of a large company.  If you would have told me I would be doing this 10 years ago, I would have said no way.  Today was one of my first days working from home, and I have to say I really like it.  Just the time I save without having to commute is enough to sell me on the idea – not that it’s a hard sell!

I really want to thank you all for continuing to read and connect and let me be a part of your world.  It’s an honor!

Until we get to chat – stay optimistic!


4 thoughts on “Exciting Times

  1. Actually, Alan, I am glad you mentioned that. It’s actually something I have been working on, so I appreciate the reminder, actually!

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