More lessons from a rock band

I’ve always liked the song “Closer to the Heart” by Rush. (I like a lot of songs by Rush, but that’s a different post for a different time). In the past when I’ve thought of this song it was about the music, the performance or the lyrics (what else is there, right?).  How about the message.

I heard it again this morning and was really struck by the message behind the lyrics. It’s a lesson in leadership, teamwork and communication.  If you’ve never heard the song before, check this out.

Here are the lyrics, in case you missed them:

“And the men who hold high places
Must be the ones to start
To mold a new reality
Closer to the Heart

The blacksmith and the artist
Reflect it in their art
Forge their creativity
Closer to the Heart

Philosophers and ploughmen
Each must know his part
To sow a new mentality
Closer to the Heart

You can be the captain
I will draw the chart
Sailing into destiny
Closer to the Heart”

Having heard the song a bazillion times, I have my own interpretations about the message.  Leave a comment and let me what you think this says about leadership.


One thought on “More lessons from a rock band

  1. This was great! I have sent it to President Obama, Senators Reid and McConnell and Representatives Boehner and Pelosi in hopes they will get the message and lead.

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