Hello Carowinds!

Had a great day at Carowinds– we just love exploring parks we’ve never been to.

Speaking of exploring, this is something we’ll have to investigate the next time we are in the area. Apparently, the location is no longer a secret.


What a lovely site to see when you first pull into the parking lot! Intimidator!!


Intimidator has GREAT airtime, both in front and back!

Carowinds has a very unique front gate. The line on the ground indicates the state line of North and South Carolina.


All day we went back and forth between the two states.


Thunder Road (wooden racing coaster) actually starts in South Carolina, goes to North Carolina, turns around and comes back to South Carolina.


Last but not least, a little photographic trickery. That’s Darren in the yellow shirt, after a ride on Vortex, the stand-up coaster.


Two parks down, six to go. Next up: Busch Gardens!

Give me your two cents!

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