Day 5: Hersheypark

Having never been to Hershypark, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I quickly realized this is not just an ode to chocolate (although chocoholics can certainly satisfy their craving at just about every turn).

The park was beautiful, the employees were friendly, and while you are in the land that Hershey built, they don’t beat you over the head with it. Okay, maybe a little… the street lights are Hershey Kisses, alternatively wrapped and unwrapped! Very fun!

The entrance is reminiscent of the German section of Busch Gardens.

I really liked how they have a whole themed and named area before you even go through the gates!

This is what the other two yahoos do while waiting for me to get the tickets.

The star of the show today was Sky Rush, Hersheypark’s newest coaster. It was fast, smooth, and delivered some “aggressive” airtime.

If you are going to go, take this warning seriously. Alan and his sunglasses found out the hard way.

Some other favorites were Fahrenheit, Lightning Racer and Storm Runner. Getting ready for the vertical ascent on Fahrenheit.
Said vertical ascent…

What would the day be without a challenge? The park was packed (and good for them!!!) so we had purchased the after 5 pm “Fast Track” pass. We only had a certain amount of time to fit in all the coasters. Mother Nature slowed us down a little with a little rain and lightning, but we waited it out and made the best of it. This is us just as the rain started to come down. Notice the first person running for cover! 🙂


We all commented as we were leaving that Hershypark really is a multiple day destination. With all the park has to offer, along with Chocolate World and the history of all things Hershey to explore, you really need a few days to see and do it all – and I highly recommend it!

Next stop: Kennywood!

Give me your two cents!

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