Day 6: Kennywood

Oh, Kennywood! We only had a half day to play at Kennywood, so we made every minute count… including the unique conveyance from the parking lot to the main gate.

What a great view of the first two hills of Phantom’s Revenge!

Kennywood is a great example of a trolley park that survived and is now all grown up!

Last time I was at Kennywood, the Steel Phantom roller coaster was the new kid on the block. Travelling 200+ feet down a cliff at 80 mph was a great thrill. Now, it’s been converted to the Phantom’s Revenge with a lot of track being replaced and entire sections reprofiled. It’s still got the mega drop, but now it’s also got airtime and some cool speed elements. Collectively, we approve of the changes!

Kennywood also has a great collection of some old-school wooden coasters. Our first stop was the Thunderbolt.


Then the Racer… one of only three continuous track racing coasters in the world. Meaning, if your train starts on the left side of the station, it will return on the right. Still not sure how that works.

The Racer was built in 1927 and is listed as a National Landmark. The station is still as it appeared when it was first opened. Darren likes that.

Last but not least was the Jack Rabbit! A fun terrain coaster that boasts a double dip with tons of airtime!

After a 30 minute detour through Pittsburgh, we finally got to the highway for our trip to Ohio and our last park, Cedar Point. It was nice to see this sign:

To this point in the trip we have been to 7 parks and have ridden 36 coasters. Tomorrow will be park #8 with a bevy of great coasters to keep us busy all day!

Give me your two cents!

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