Catch a good conversation

“Sometimes the best conversation is a game of catch”- Life is Good

I’m an optimist. That’s no secret. Because of this, I have more “Life is Good” t-shirts than I can count. I’ve also got the Life is Good book, which is where I saw the quote above.

I read this quote recently as I was waiting to leave for the airport. It struck me at that moment just how alike a game of catch and a real conversation can be.

Let’s take a closer look:

In a game of catch, one person throws and the other catches (ideally).

In a conversation, one person speaks and the other listens (again, ideally).

In a game of catch, if the person throwing is inaccurate, it makes it difficult (if not impossible) for the other person to catch the ball.

In a conversation, if the communicator is vague, condescending or rude, it makes it difficult for the listener to pay attention to the meaning of the message.

In a game of catch, if the catcher is not paying attention, they could miss the ball or be injured if they don’t get out of the way.

In a conversation, if the listener isn’t paying attention, they could misinterpret the message or overlook an important detail that could back to haunt them later.

In both scenarios, things can go horribly wrong in a hurry.

So what have we learned?

When it comes to communication, success comes down to a few simple actions.

  • Pay attention – whether talking or listening, factors of success increase exponentially when you focus on what you are doing.
  • Be aware of others – does your listener look confused or uninterested? Make sure you sending the right message by watching their reaction to what you say. Don’t assume they understand just because you moved on to the next topic.
  • Don’t interrupt – cutting someone off mid-sentence not only changes WHAT they communicate in that moment, but also changes how they feel about communicating with you in the future.

It’s been said, by more people than just me, that effective communication is the key ingredient to effective relationships.

Don’t drop the ball.

Thanks for reading!

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