Having fun at Six Flags America

Employees at Six Flags were recently given a directive by their CEO, Jim Reid Anderson.

“Laugh at the world & yourself.”

My friend Debbie Evans from Six Flags America near Baltimore/Washington DC sent me some pictures and videos of how they decided to laugh at themselves and the ridiculous number of snow days they had incurred.  Their idea… a snowball fight in the wave pool and turning the water slides into snow slides.  Take a look:

SFA Winter Fun 2

SFA Winter Fun

Winter Fun 3

The best part of about the snowball/snow angel-palooza?  When Debbie told her sister about it, her sister asked if she got in trouble?  “No”, she said, “it’s part of my job!”

With all the things we have to do as leaders and managers, it’s easy to forget that fun is part of our jobs.  Most of us work at a facility with “amusement” or “entertainment” or “park” in the title.  Fun isn’t just for our guests, it’s for us, too.

This is a great reminder!  Thank you Debbie and everyone at Six Flags America for sharing!


About the author: Each summer, Matt and a few friends embark on an epic journey to visit various amusement parks around the country. This year will include a stop at Six Flags America.  Here’s hoping it won’t be a snow day!

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