Epic coaster trip (Coaster Nerd Con) 2014

It’s that time of year again, when a few friends and I embark on an epic tour of the U.S. to ride some great rides, eat some great food, and geek out on all things related to amusement parks.

This year, the trip will commence on July 20th in Buffalo, NY, with our first stop at Darien Lake.  It’ll “sort of” be my first time there – at least when it’s open. I once interviewed there for an Operations Supervisor position that I didn’t get.  Just as well… I wasn’t as ready as I thought I was!

CNC 14

Next we’ll get out our passports and head over the border to the Great White North and Canada’s Wonderland.  Another first!  I am also very excited because this takes me to Toronto… home of my favorite band, Rush.  If I ask really nicely, maybe I can get the guys to swing by the Parliament Building, which was the backdrop Rush’s Moving Pictures album cover.  How cool would THAT be!?!

exhibit A

Back in the U.S., the longest drive on the trip will occur between Toronto and Allentown, PA, as we visit Dorney Park. Talon and Steel Force (in the rain) were two unexpected hits of our trip a few years ago.

We then REALLY hit the East coast with Six Flags Great Adventure, Luna Park at Coney Island and Morey’s Piers.  I have not been to Great Adventure in many moons, and both Coney Island and Morey’s will be firsts for me.  Looking forward to the Cyclone and a great seaside boardwalk!

Our last stop will be Six Flags America near Baltimore.  Another first for me, but sadly our last stop on the tour.

As excited as I am about seeing all these new (to me) parks, I am even more excited about the friends and colleagues I will get to see along the way!  If you work or live in these areas – get ready!

Oh, and if you have any recommendations for fun places to eat or things to see along our route, don’t hesitate to let me know.  We have been known to take a detour to two!

If you want to follow along, I’ll be posting about our experiences here on the blog, on Facebook, Twitter, and maybe even YouTube. Connect if we are not connected, so we can connect!

See you on the midway!



2 thoughts on “Epic coaster trip (Coaster Nerd Con) 2014

  1. I grew up in Allentown, PA (moved to VA in 2011) There are a few good places to eat that Allentown in “known for”
    Yocco’s hot dogs- I actually was in PA this weekend and brought a cooler so that I could bring Yocco’s back to VA!!
    Brass Rail- awesome cheesesteaks
    Ritz Ice Cream- been there forever!
    All are very close to Dorney Park! I hope you get to visit one of them! Ride some coasters for me!!

    • Ericka – thanks for the recommendations! Hopefully we’ll get to try one of those places!

      We will definitely ride coasters… over and over and over again!

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