CNC ’14 – oh, the epicness!

Our first stop (on the day we arrived) was at Darien Lake. Had a great time exploring the park, and even a better time experiencing the airtime on Ride of Steel!



A first for me was the MotoCoaster – only wish it was a little longer! 🙂


Then it was off to Canada!


We made it across the border with little fanfare, although Alan was a little nervous about the boarder patrol asking to see in the back of the car. Not because we had anything to hide, but because it is a rental car and he wasn’t sure how to open the hatch from the drivers seat. Luckily, he didn’t ask.

Had a fantastic day at Canada’s Wonderland! The park was clean, the staff was friendly and the rides, landscaping and grounds were incredibly well maintained. If you haven’t been to CW, it’s worth the trip!!




For the coaster nerds, Leviathan was AMAZING!! Fast, great airtime and smmooooth! It will be hard for another coaster to top that one on this trip, but we’ll keep an open mind. 🙂


We did find one odd thing… A Dollywood monkey plush must have wanted to see what CW was all about…


Before we left Toronto, we had to stop by the Parliament Building. Not for a civics lesson, but because this was the backdrop of the cover of one of my favorite albums of all time – Moving Pictures by Rush.



That’s me right where the dudes in the red jumpsuits were literally moving pictures.

After a looong day of driving, we ended up at Dorney Park with only two hours of operation left for the day. That was enough for us to get in 8 coaster rides, 4 of which were on one of our airtime favorites, Steel Force.


Another hour-and-a-half of driving landed us at our hotel in New Jersey. We are now getting ready to tackle Six Flags Great Adventure. The trip has already been quite an adventure… Uber excited to see what today brings.

Stay tuned!


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