CNC ’14 – days 6-7 of epicness

Note: somehow my post from Great Adventure and Coney Island was deleted. I will reconstruct that when I get home in case you missed it!

Days 6-7

A lovely drive through New Jersey brought us to the iconic Jersey shore and Morey’s Piers. Morey’s is a collection of three amusement piers that jet out from the boardwalk to the ocean. Even though they are attached to the boardwalk, it’s a much different (and better) world once you step on to one of the piers.

Since we drove all morning, our first stop was lunch with Dino Fazio, Director of Operations at Morey’s. While he had to work or something silly like that, George Rohman also stopped by. We had to pose for one of his famous selfies!


Lunch at the Stubborn Brothers cafe was amazing… Great company, stupendous breeze off the ocean and very tasty food! Then it was off to explore the piers. It’s incredible what they have been able to achieve, especially in terms of space management. There is very little unused space, yet it didn’t seem crowded.





Of course we have to mention that all of the restrooms we visited, on all three piers throughout the day, were impeccably kept and spotless. Some of the cleanest restrooms in the industry. No pics of that, though. That would be creepy.

Much of the day was spent observing all the cool things the piers had to offer. How should we document all that, with a triple selfie, of course!


Of course the boardwalk and pier really come alive at night, and it’s literally a different world.


We got on (our third) Ferris wheel ride just as the fireworks over the beach were starting. Made for a great viewing spot.

Video of Fireworks from the Ferris wheel

One last walk to the beach, breakfast at local favorite (peanut butter pancakes at Uncle Bills Pancake House), then it was off to Six Flags America!



Six Flags America turned out to be a fitting end to the trip. They have a coaster (Superman, Ride of Steel) that is a mirror image of one of the first coasters we rode at Darien Lake. It was great to bookend the trip with two great airtime coasters.




Also great seeing SFA peeps Joe Pudlick and Alex Reszitnyk (unfortunately no pics). But we did get a pic with Linda Gerson, who drove out to spend the day with us! So fun!


Another hit at SFA was Roar, a fun wooden coaster that is “fun rough “… Just rough enough to be fun and exhilarating without beating us up! As I expected I would, I preferred the back seat.



As the sun set on another EPIC trip, I can’t help but wonder about where we’ll go next year. I think no matter where we go, with Alan and Darren as the other nerds along for the “ride”, it will be beyond epic… And I’ll be ready to go!!!




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