Okay, but HOW do you do all that?

If you are like me, you’ve seen this infographic making it’s way around social media:

Employees StayBut it wasn’t until it was shared again recently that I had a thought.  While I think it’s true, employees DO stay when these things happen, what I also find is that this information also leads to other thoughts and questions, such as:

  • What if I can’t pay them very well?
  • How do you mentor an employee?
  • What do I do to challenge my employees?
  • What if I have no open positions to promote them to?
  • How do I involve them?
  • They’re paid, isn’t that appreciation enough?
  • I value them when they show up!
  • On a mission to do what?
  • I’ve told them they are empowered 100 times.
  • What if I don’t trust them?

Because this infographic is long on, “yeah, that’s right” type of share-ability and short on HOW to do any of these things, I thought I would address them.  Starting with the “Paid Well” conundrum, I will do a series of posts providing insights and techniques for each of these areas.  If you have suggestions that you think other leaders would benefit from, feel free to email them to me or put it in a comment below.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing your suggestions!


About the author – After 20+ years in hospitality leadership and human resources, Matt  Heller founded Performance Optimist Consulting in 2011 with one simple goal: Help Leaders Lead. Matt now works with attractions large and small and leaders at all levels to help them improve leadership competencies, customer service, employee motivation and teamwork. His book, “The Myth of Employee Burnout” was released in 2013 has become a go-to resource among industry leaders.

2 thoughts on “Okay, but HOW do you do all that?

  1. Hi Matt,

    Love the infographic.

    When I started my previous job, I found an organisation that did not pay well, did not mentor, challenge or promote, made sure nobody was involved nor appreciated, let alone valued. The mission was mainly to survive the day until the weekend, empowerment was not in the dictionary and nobody trusted anybody else.

    And still people worked there. So what kept them there, you might ask. The answer is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear losing something that might be better than nothing.

    In a situation like this it is impossible to introduce elements like challenges, involvement or empowerment, as they lead to increase of fear. A new fear of not meeting targets and expectations, and therefore losing the job. The best strategy for the employee is to stay low, just do the job and don’t speak up.

    So where to start making changes? Start with building up trust. Your trust in your employees, but more importantly, their trust in you. If there is no trust, all other will fail. And as you can’t buy trust, you’ll have to earn it, and it takes a long, long, time.

    Looking forward to your next posts!

    Cheers, Daniel

    • Excellent points, Daniel! Thanks for sharing! Would you mind expanding your thoughts on how you EARN trust? Would love to hear your perspectives – I think that would be great for the post! You can leave another comment or email me. Thanks!

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