Strategic Conversations Online Workshop

“This is a great way to help with those leaders who may struggle addressing issues with employees. This gives them a clear guide and can take some of the guess work out of it.” – Strategic Conversations graduate

To learn more and enroll: Strategic Conversations Online Workshop

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust the importance of intentional communication into the very forefront of our lives. Whether you are communicating sensitive information to your teams, providing coaching to an individual team member or relaying critical material to your leaders, those leading intentional and strategic conversations need to understand and follow specific steps ensure these conversations will bring about the intended results.

This session will outline a model to lead intentional conversations and allow participants to practice the model in real time.

Our next session will be June 10 at 2 pm EDT.

  • This 2.5-hour program will be delivered online via Zoom and a specific link will be sent after registration
  • A worksheet and session pre-work will be sent to each participant prior to the session
  • A mic, webcam and high-speed internet are required to fully participate
  • This class is limited to 6 participants to ensure adequate skill practice
  • The entire session will be recorded and participants will receive the video for review

To learn more and enroll: Strategic Conversations Online Workshop

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