The beginning of the end

It was 2013. I was sitting in my publishers office in Sarasota, FL and my eyes were closed. My publisher, Julie Ann, told me to hold out my hands and I did.

She then handed me the first printed copy of The Myth of Employee Burnout. My first book. For a guy who hated English class in school, this was quite an accomplishment.

I really thought this was the beginning of the end. The beginning of my career as an author and the end of burnout.

I was right about one of those things.

I went on to write a second book, but have yet to completely eradicate burnout.

And that’s because I can’t do it alone. I so appreciate those who have read the book or attended a course and have applied these concepts. You know what a herculean effort this is.

But the fight is not over. So on March 24th, I’ll be leading a virtual workshop to help leaders understand their role and responsibilities when it comes eliminating burnout.

“If you apply what you will learn in this workshop, it will forever change you as a leader.” – Kristen Mulady

If you sign up but can’t attend on March 24th, you will get a link to watch the replay. This is not a webinar, but an interactive workshop that will give you lots of practical tools you can use right away.

We’ll be following the foundation originally laid out in the book by answering these three questions: What is burnout? Why does it happen? What do we do about it? (And we’ll spend most of our time on that last one.)

I hope to see you on the 24th, not only for the workshop, but also to continue the fight against burnout.

Together, we CAN do this!

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