Mystery Shopping Report Analysis

Performance Optimist Consulting is proud to partner with Amusement Advantage to provide in depth analysis of mystery shopping reports, leadership consulting and staff training.

Click here for the press release. It’s official and everything.

Amusement Advantage is the only exclusive mystery shopping provider to the amusement industry. Founded in 1996 by Scot Carson, Amusement Advantage serves waterparks, amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, fun centers, bowling alleys, wildlife parks and more – anywhere that the customer service experience matters. Their detailed reports have become known as the industry standard for unsolicited guest feedback.

To download a sample mystery shopping report, click here.

In 2011, Scot and I joined forces to provide a new service to his clients: Summary Analysis Reports.

In these reports, we take an objective view of multiple shopper reports to identify trends in employee behavior that may not be readily visible from one mystery shopper visit.  These trends are then measured against company standards and expectations, and examined for their origin – all in an effort to help you improve employee performance and ultimately, your guests’ experience.

In addition, if training or skill development opportunities are identified, we can work with you to make sure the right solution is selected.

Reports include:

  • In-depth analysis of mystery shopping reports, including overall strengths and areas of opportunity.
  • Outline of employee rankings and behavioral trends, both positive and negative
  • Recommendations based on report findings

The number of reports we analyze is up to you and your needs

  • Analysis of 3-5 mystery shopping reports can be used to identify trends with current staff and can be used to initiate timely solutions
  • Analysis of all reports from one season can help identify larger trends that can be addressed in the off season to establish long term process improvements

For a sample Summary Analysis Report, please click here.

By combining the process of mystery shopping, trend analysis and developmental training, we can now offer everything you need to get the advantage in terms of your guests’ experience: Measurement of the guest experience, Analysis of behaviors driving performance and Action to implement solutions.

For report pricing or more information on Amusement Advantage, please click here, or contact Scot directly:

Phone: 800-362-9946


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